I just finished watching Hannibal season 3 and I am blown away by the most beautiful and touching BROMANCE I have ever seen on screen. Spoileralarm: At the end of season 3 when they fell into each others arms I wished for a second they gonna kiss and fall of the cliff into endless LOVE. Btw I think they did anyways.


Every relationship has his arguments. Ignoring calls was yesterday. Hannibal made an unusual step when he revealed his broken heart to Mike in an artistic way I haven’t seen before. This man knows how to set clear statements.


Most striking element of the series is definitely the sounddesign. I couldn’t watch the first episodes of season 1 at night time. I was scared to hell. Noting that I watched the series alone. Mads Mikkelsen did a fantastic job. At the beginning he is obvious the evil and antihero. Over the seasons I felt like a victim of Hannibals charm and diagnosed myself the Stockholm-Syndrom. I am so not judging Dr. Bedelia Du Maurir and her little love escape with Lecter to Italy. He is an interesting character – a master of manipulation and controlling not only every situation also people. Besides he is a brilliant cook and what should I say I love to eat meat. Am I mentally sick? Yes, I should make an appointment with a psychiatrist. Wait a second! That’s also Hannibal. There is no escape. Dammit. I am kind of shocked we only get three seasons. Is this a bad joke?

Like always when I watched the last episode of a series I have the feeling I lost a good friend. In Hannibals case it will take even longer to get over him. By now he became not only a good friend he is more like a lover. He got under one’s skin. It will take time to cut him out.