How to get more positive things happening in your life?

Let’s talk about positive events of my life. My life changed when I started to say YES instead of NO. Most of the time people come into our lifes and want to give us some good experience. Used to our routine we are not ready to say “Yes, let’s do it.” We find a thousand reasons why we say “NO” and keep on complaining how boring our everyday life is.

Try to say YES instead of NO and see your life changing.

Give it a try by small steps. For example I said to myself I want more action in my private life. Then I got a call of a friend asking me to go to this place I haven’t been before. A thousand things came to my mind: Ah I don’t know this place. Maybe I don’t like it. Which people go there? But damnit what’s wrong with me? I asked for a change. I got the offer and then I would say NO. So I went there and gave it a try. Actually it was a nice afternoon overcoming some borders meeting new people leaving the routine. It was a personal success. Try it too and tell me! šŸ˜‰