For me Tinder used to be like my Amazon shopping cart. I added some articles to the list but I never really bought them. A year ago I canceled all my accounts on various dating website. Why? It just didn’t work out for me. Aside from some chats I had no success at all. IMG_0322I haven’t had one date. Now I am back home. All my friends live somewhere else. Sometimes I just want to go out for a drink. Friends said Tinder works. Long story short  I should give it a second chance referring to my own advice “Say more often Yes” 😉

Mistakenly I thought only ugly and desperate old men are on Tinder I suddenly found out that this incognito celebrity is also looking for his better half. I knew it wouldn’t work out with Angelina.

Since 3 days Brad  and  I are back in the saddle for a new social experiment keeping life interesting. So what happened? I was really really selective. I just hearted men I really want to meet for a drink. Results: 29 matches and 14 wrote already a message. Wow. The first date is already arranged. Impressive. Did Austrian men suddenly change?

I am still skeptic but I am positive to get over the former first and most difficult hurdle: meeting in person.  I will keep you updated.