Back on track I got even more matches and more messages. I am a lucky girl. Right now I matched a really really sweet guy I am interested in but this son of a b* doesn’t write me.

So I am asking myself should I break all the dating rules jump over the borders and start off sending him a message? For a minute I am okay with this thought. Okay let’s start. First problem: What should I write him? I didn’t know how hard it must be for man to start the conversation until now. I somebody sends me the classic – Hey 🙂 – message I am not even responding. So actually I shouldn’t write a simple – Hey 🙂

Let’s see what he is offering me. He uploaded three pictures – one portrait – another portrait in which he is eating – and one picture him standing in an Asian kitchen trying to prepare some meat spits. Maybe I should send him a funny text according to this picture?!

“hey p. I’ve never been to Asia. How was it?” No way – super BORING!

“hey p. I hope you still remember the recipe. I wanna try the meat spits.” No way – BORING!

“hello p. I mean you look hot with this kitchen apron  on but do women really fall into your ‘I know how to handle hotplates’-trap? ;)”

Hahahaha I love to make nasty remarks. Maybe I shouldn’t write this one or even write at all. But honestly what do I have to loose?  Let’s see what happens.