It’s kind of funny! Last week my cousin and I had some deep conversation about life conflicts and the gift which they contain to clear your pain overcome your own borders and grow. All my life I felt deeply a spiritual belief which is capable to transform everybody’s life based on living pure love and authenticity. I am on this path since I am able to think. So far the journey was painful and I am still walking. All this years I thought I am the only person on this planet who feels like that. Maybe there would be one or two people somewhere around the world who feel the same. Tonight I found out that there are more than just two brothers and sisters out there who are on their journey like I am.

Nothing is more touching than a shared moment of real emotion. I am so grateful the documentary found me. In this time of darkness in Europe it gives me hope that there are people who light up the world. Let the chain reaction begin. Together we transform our world. Sending love to all people out there.

a feature documentary film about internationally renowned life and business strategist Tony Robbins, is a revelatory cinéma vérité film that goes behind the scenes of his mammoth seminar “Date With Destiny,” attended by over 2,500 people in Boca Raton, Florida, each year, to give an insider look at how one man can affect millions. Granted never before seen access to the behind the scenes modus operandi of this enormous event, this film captures both the immense effort of producing this live seminar, as well as the life-changing transformations of the participants in real time. Embedding with Tony Robbins and his team over the course of six days, Academy Award nominated filmmaker Joe Berlinger turns an unflinching eye on Tony Robbins’ powerful and uncompromising approach to achieving success, ensuring the attendees leave “Date With Destiny” with new perspective on the forces, thoughts, and feelings that motivate their behavior and help them take.

Documentary, 115 min
Director: Joe Berlinger

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