LOVE (2016-), Romantic comedy series

Two people living in L.A. and date. It offers an interesting view of the male and female perspectives on romantic relationships. It questions the topics intimacy, commitment and daily struggle of relationships.

Actors:Gillian Jacobs, Paul Rust, Claudia O’Doherty
Season 1: 10 episodes, 30 minutes.

A 12-episode second season will premiere in 2017.
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LOVESICK (2014-) aka “Scrotal Recall”, Romantic comedy series

Originally a British series produced by Channel 4: Dylan finds out he has an STD and contacts all of his previous sexual partners to inform them the bad news. The show is told through flashbacks.

Actors: Johnny Flynn, Antonia Thomas, Daniel Ings
Season 1: 6 episodes, 25 minutes.

Netflix announced a second Season broadcasting 8 episodes starting in November 2016.
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FLAKED (2016-), Dramedy Series

“Flaked is a dry, slice-of-life comedy about Chip, a celebrated long-time resident of the insular world of Venice, California who falls for the object of his best friend’s fascination. Soon the tangled web of half-truths and semi-bullshit that underpins his all-important image and sobriety begins to unravel. Will Arnett plays Chip, a man doing his honest best to stay one step ahead of his own lies.” (Netflix)

Actors: Will Arnett, David Sullivan, Ruth Kearney
Season 1: eight episodes, 30 minutes.

Netflix announced a second Season for 2017 with 6 episode.
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