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Sometimes out of the blue you are involved in something wonderful. In something that is much larger than yourself. Something that connects you and makes you believe in the good: LOVE!

For some time it is my desire to draw attention to love and its constant presence with my photo collection on Instagram #magicrabbithunterhearts. Now I feel honored to be part of the LOVE PROJECT by Doris Heinrich. Doris photographs people of her social life and also famous Austrians with a love sign specially made for them. All pictures will be exhibited in Vienna in March. The proceeds will go to charity.

Facebook says Doris and I met in June 2010. Since then we saw each other maybe a dozen times but what connects us is more than I am able to explain. It’s definitely respect and admiration. Doris created a fantastic connecting movement with her LOVE PROJECT. So what unites us, no doubt, is LOVE and the spreading of it! 😉 

People who are already involved in the LOVE PROJECT: Lisa & Christiane, Christoph Feurstein, Adele Neuhauser, Katha Schinkinger, Sarah Zaharanski, Stuart Freeman & Amy, Mark Hinckley, Georg M. Priemer, Eva Klampfer, Maggie Haselwanter, Clara Louise, Claudia Leopold, Claudia Seidl, Julia Seyfried, Mark, Long, Farangis, Bea, Frieda P, Band “!Dela Dap”, Jakub, Miriam, Daniel & Eli Fankhauser, Marcia & Maria, Nicole Christina, Jakob, Tobias.

More information about Doris and the LOVE PROJECT:

Doris Heinrich Photography 
0043 660 1984805