Because the world does not belong to us. Because we are nothing, leftovers. We are tumbleweeds on roads. Because we are every lost, dashing, shadow. Because we’re poems on sidewalks. Because you are the needle in my arm. We are equals. We are mirrors. We cut the night’.

Wonderful music – amazing video! John Malkovich is a huge fan of the band and also plays a role in their music video ‘Blouson Noir’.

The name AaRON means Artificial Animals Riding on Neverland. AaRON is a French pop rock duo. They are popular in Europe since the release of their first album in 2007. Simon Buret is the singer, author and composer. Oliver Coursier is also composing besides he is arranging the songs. The second album, Birds in the Storm, was released in May 2010. I just found out about their existance because a friend recommended them to me. I was immediately blown away by the video. Researching some information about the band I saw the third album is called We Cut the Night. AaRON are on tour in Switzerland, France, Turkey, Belgium and Luxembourg from November to January.

Maggie’s favorite song right now ‘Maybe on the Moon’

Live Album ‘Waves from the Street’ available online.