Biggest mistake Director ever made or What’s wrong with Hank Moody’s sperm?

So finally I saw CALIFORNICATION and you can say whatever you want about the Series – good or bad – there is one thing that keeps me thinking: How is this genetically possible? Hank and Karen are more than beautiful. Becca their child – hmm – let’s say that’s not what you are expecting if a child has parents which look like models.


The Becca confusion is a little bit disturbing but they even discuss it on the Show.  Becca talks about how difficult it is to have such beautiful parents like them. Okay after 6 Seasons I got used to this strange fact. But then in Season 7 suddenly Hank’s second child appears and now look at this.

Episode 703

WTF really? Are the producers kidding us? Heather Graham is his mother? Sorry, but never ever would their child look like this. I am slow to catch on this riddle. Please give me a clue! #epicfail