On a certain day in the blue-moon month of September
Beneath a young plum tree, quietly
I held her there, my quiet, pale beloved
In my arms just like a graceful dream.

And above us in the beautiful summer sky
Was a cloud which I watched for a long time.
It was very white and tremendously high
And as I looked upwards, it was there no more.

Reminiscence of Marie A. (1920)
Bertolt Brecht

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Tinder Nightmare

The nightmare is continuing…



Back on track I got even more matches and more messages. I am a lucky girl. Right now I matched a really really sweet guy I am interested in but this son of a b* doesn’t write me.

So I am asking myself should I break all the dating rules jump over the borders and start off sending him a message? For a minute I am okay with this thought. Okay let’s start. First problem: What should I write him? I didn’t know how hard it must be for man to start the conversation until now. I somebody sends me the classic – Hey 🙂 – message I am not even responding. So actually I shouldn’t write a simple – Hey 🙂

Let’s see what he is offering me. He uploaded three pictures – one portrait – another portrait in which he is eating – and one picture him standing in an Asian kitchen trying to prepare some meat spits. Maybe I should send him a funny text according to this picture?!

“hey p. I’ve never been to Asia. How was it?” No way – super BORING!

“hey p. I hope you still remember the recipe. I wanna try the meat spits.” No way – BORING!

“hello p. I mean you look hot with this kitchen apron  on but do women really fall into your ‘I know how to handle hotplates’-trap? ;)”

Hahahaha I love to make nasty remarks. Maybe I shouldn’t write this one or even write at all. But honestly what do I have to loose?  Let’s see what happens.

Quotes #7 TINDER

Das Tinder Experiment ist am Laufen und was soll ich sagen, die Männer stellen sich wieder besonders “patschert” an. Hier ein Ausug. Wenn mir jemand beim Übersetzen ins Englische helfen will, der ist gerne willkommen! 😉


Dating Austrian men

Let’s see what international women say about dating Austrian men:

“F. is from the US and has lived for several years in Graz. She has worked in the management of a technology company. She mentioned her encounters with men in Austria: She found it difficult to connect to them and felt alienated by the way there was no formalised dating culture like in the US. She said that she usually had to make the first step to open a conversation. Nevertheless, she found Austrian men sexually aggressive and difficult do deal with on an emotional level. F. thinks that Austrian men have a tendency to be emotionally challenged and always have a dark side. I choose not to comment F.′s views.”

Is that so? I think it’s worse! 😉

Link to the article “Typically Austrian”


For me Tinder used to be like my Amazon shopping cart. I added some articles to the list but I never really bought them. A year ago I canceled all my accounts on various dating website. Why? It just didn’t work out for me. Aside from some chats I had no success at all. IMG_0322I haven’t had one date. Now I am back home. All my friends live somewhere else. Sometimes I just want to go out for a drink. Friends said Tinder works. Long story short  I should give it a second chance referring to my own advice “Say more often Yes” 😉

Mistakenly I thought only ugly and desperate old men are on Tinder I suddenly found out that this incognito celebrity is also looking for his better half. I knew it wouldn’t work out with Angelina.

Since 3 days Brad  and  I are back in the saddle for a new social experiment keeping life interesting. So what happened? I was really really selective. I just hearted men I really want to meet for a drink. Results: 29 matches and 14 wrote already a message. Wow. The first date is already arranged. Impressive. Did Austrian men suddenly change?

I am still skeptic but I am positive to get over the former first and most difficult hurdle: meeting in person.  I will keep you updated.



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